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Mid- to Late- Mornings are when you find reduced packages of fresh meat ground meat, sausages, deli meat. Throughout the day you'll find reduced Dairy and reduced Bakery. When you purchase reduced price items, be prepared to eat it same day or the next day. One of my favorite dinners was Portobello Mushroom Burgers with Prosciutto and Provolone on Kaiser rolls with a fresh salad on the side. All of that came from the reduced price sections and cost less than a quarter of the original price of the items! We are all duly moved. If Woodman's positioning between the posts were as good as his comic timing, he would rarely have to dive.

But he is being disingenuous.

Barrel O' Fun & Woodman's Team Up with Snappers

One of the most engrossing passages of the book deals with his response to Southgate's penalty miss. For Woodman, it was like watching a public execution. I hugged Alison, who was in tears. Ali, who was never interested in football. Then people started patting her and me on the back. They were really kind; Teddy Sheringham's parents, Gary Neville's dad.

We were treated like the next of kin.

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Later, in the players' bar, Woodman got his hug. Then I said: 'Listen, you were brave enough to take it, that's the biggest thing, that's what you'll be remembered for.

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Southgate, happily, has been fully redeemed since then, by a string of fine performances both for club and country. He tells the Oxford Union audience that Rio Ferdinand's ban has enhanced his chances of making the squad for Euro , although in the opinion of most football pundits he would have been picked anyway. He is having a good season and played a blinder in the Carling Cup final, becoming the first Middlesbrough captain in years to lift a major trophy.

Woodman, by stark contrast, is out of contract this summer and wondering what the future holds. In five years at his beloved Palace he never once played for the first team; indeed in a cursory flick through the English League Players section of the Sky Sports Football Yearbook, I don't find anyone who registers so many consecutive noughts in the first-team appearances column. Someone asks him what he thinks of the money earnt by players in the Premiership. Everybody laughs. They're putting a lot of bums on seats every week. I'm not putting as many bums on seats.

Doubtless it is partly because their relationship pre-dates Southgate's millionaire status that they have remained such close friends, talking on the phone, they tell us, practically every day. The disparity of means is apparently not a problem. When they and their respective families go on holiday together, Southgate picks up the bigger expenses but they eat at inexpensive restaurants and split the cost equally.

This summer, the holiday they were planning may be kiboshed for the best of reasons. Will Woodman go to watch Euro if Southgate makes the squad? The three of us have now withdrawn to another panelled room, while the audience file away happily, most of them with signed copies of the book and a treat in store; it really is an excellent read. Here is Woodman's hugely moving account of the day his mother was buried. She was 44 when she died, of cervical cancer. He was 17, and following the funeral decided to go to afternoon training with the other youngsters at Palace, unable to cope with the fact that back at his house people were eating sandwiches and laughing.

The only person I can remember is Gareth. He was washing a pair of boots in the cold sink at the back of the changing-room. We were just getting to know each other at the time. He looked at me in amazement. Can't remember what he said, but I remember the way he looked at me. There was concern on his face. Somehow or other I knew from how he reacted towards me that we would get to know each other better. Might their long friendship, I ask, lead to their working together in future? After all, Southgate has declared his intention to go into management.

Do they think about being back on the same payroll? Southgate laughs. But if that sets him the challenge of going out and becoming the best goalkeeping coach, then I want to achieve my goals on my own. You were moving to Brentford, I was moving from Villa. I spoke to Gareth over the weekend and went back in on the Monday with my tail between my legs. Other people at the club often just tell you what you want to hear.

Sentry Foods

Andy had a clear view of my problems when my relationship was deteriorating with John Gregory [at Aston Villa]. It's a passion for us as well as a job, but it's a passion for everyone else, too. Might he drop down a few divisions when the top level is beyond him? Peter Beardsley was a magnificent player, but he ended up at Hartlepool and got hammered just because the other players were on a different wavelength.

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My advice to Gareth would be: 'Don't do it'. Washing your own kit, making your own packed lunch every day before you go training I've had as much pleasure from watching his finals as I have from playing in finals myself.


A big laugh. But watching Northampton in that play-off final, people said to me: 'Why are you here? It was as simple as that. I was very proud. You never know. His best friend, who missed a penalty at Wembley, adds his endorsement. They make mistakes and their confidence suffers.

Leisure line coal stove

It's a position that calls for experience. Brought to you by yasabe.

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