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Tips for Being a Coupon Fairy - Moola Saving Mom

It grieves me so to see my readers in pain not knowing if coupons are legal or not. I have had a few worrisome comments posted on my blog lately. The FBI recently arrested a student who was making his own coupons and posting them online. He could face up to 30 years in jail.

Coupon ethics.

Hop on the bus to prison if you plan on making or distributing fraud coupons! A pdf is a coupon that can be printed over and over with no print limits, and usually is not hosted on the companies website. Like walmart. The part infront of.

The Fairy Store

Not even internet printables! Taking the inserts out and leaving the rest of the paper behind is still theft! To those in the "it's not legal" camp, that's just a convoluted way to convince people that what you're doing is okay - and to pay you to continue your illegal enterprise. Don't believe me?

Check out the news around coupon selling lately. Back in , eBay drastically cracked down in an attempt to discontinue of the selling of manufacturer's coupons and changed its seller's policy to reflect that. They plainly denounced the selling of coupons on their site, due to justified legal pressure from the coupon industry.

But since that time, coupon sellers haven't quit, they've just moved to social media sites like Facebook Marketplace and Instagram to continue their illegal activities. These sites make buying coupons amazingly easy. But not legal.

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Why do I keep calling buying and selling coupons illegal? Because beyond the wording on coupons, coupon sellers wouldn't have a booming business if they obtained coupons the normal way. Even if it were legal, it's not really mathematically worth it. Someone might make a few dollars a week, getting coupons fully legally, and taking hours and hours clipping, sorting, addressing and sending, but they would have a reasonably limited supply.

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But most coupon sellers have a huge supply, often hundreds of the same coupon - both regular coupon inserts from the newspaper and printed internet coupons. And many offer inserts from all over the country. How are they getting them? They certainly aren't driving there every Sunday morning.